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  • [NAC-1334] - Bad layout of label designer in JIRA 7.3
  • [NAC-1335] - item admin users cannot access administrative functions if they are not JIRA admins, because they do not pass websudo
  • [NAC-1337] - misc label printing enhancements
  • [NAC-1339] - sign scanner exe files. So that defender does not delete them
  • [NAC-1347] - only one user is returned in the list of suggestions in user picker

User Story

  • [NAC-791] - Implement sorting by columns in list view
  • [NAC-1323] - add a list of user assets in user profile
  • [NAC-1327] - allow importing CSV to in-place update existing assets based on some "key" field
  • [NAC-1333] - add "updateonly" option to REST endpoint used by the WMI scanner and allow to use this option in the scanner

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